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Drake University – Great Internship Options Through Local Graduates and Businesses


When considering colleges, it is always important to think about getting that practical experience. Internships during college are a great way to test out the fields you are interested. One of the best ways to get an internship during college is to connect with someone who graduated from the university you are attending and works in the field you are pursuing. During a recent visit to Drake University, in Des Moines Iowa, I had a chance to learn a little bit about how their proximity to Des Moines, and their large local alumni base,  helps students get internships.
I also talked to two current students about why they chose to attend Drake University. One student mentioned their great business program and the other student mentioned the excitement around Drake Relays.
p.s. Apologies for the sound of traffic in the background of the video!
p.p.s Three guesses of the Drake mascot? I tried to find as many bulldogs as possible during my visit.


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