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Earlham College – It's the People That Matter


Mark recently visited Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana – a Quaker college, with a strong tradition of social justice and community involvement. Check out the video below to learn more about this quality liberal arts college.

Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant
You may prefer to read the transcript below.
I’m here today on the campus of Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, down in southeast Indiana, and this is a Quaker college and a member of the 40 Colleges That Change Lives that was put together by Lauren Pope.
A couple of things to think about with Earlham:

  1. The Quaker heritage really gives it a very unique flavor.  This is a place where social justice peace studies; the idea of bringing some sort of equity to humanity.  So, there’s a lot of community service going on here, and a lot of connection; very international student body, even though it’s in a relatively isolated location, it’s not that far actually from Columbus and Dayton or even from Indianapolis, but it’s not in an urban center, but it certainly a place that is international/global in its orientation.
  2. It’s very strong in biology, psychology, but it’s really well known for Japanese studies; that’s one of its biggest claims to fame in the country, is the excellent Undergraduate Japanese Studies Program.
  3. The final thing I want to say about Earlham is that when you walk around this campus, and you notice that the facilities, the landscaping, is perhaps, not the most manicured of some of the colleges.  Some places you go and every blade of grass is perfectly in place.  That’s not the case here at Earlham.  It’s clearly a place where people are what matter.  Our tour guide, a wonderful, young woman who originally is from Beirut; all she was talking about the whole time is the people and the relationships with the different professors, with her peers, that this is definitely a strong community.

So, think about that as you are looking at a college.  Look beyond the landscaping, look beyond the fancy woodwork and all the interior decorating going on.  A college is about learning and that is a human endeavor.  That is a thing that people engage in together.  Clearly at Earlham, that is the focus; learning and community.  So, keep that in mind as you are looking around for a college that fits you.


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