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Educational Consultant on Temple University: A Lively Atmosphere


Expert admissions counselor Mark Montgomery visits Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on a Friday afternoon to showcase its energetic campus. With easy access to Philadelphia, Temple is a college worth considering for anyone who enjoys the pulse of a major city.

I’m here right now on the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia, and behind me is the library, there’s a big lawn over here, there are lots of kids hanging out, it’s a beautiful spring day just before finals, everybody’s relaxing. It’s also Friday, and so there are trucks lined up all up and down some of these avenues serving things like hoagies and wraps and crepes and there’s a “sugar bomb” truck or something. All kinds of places, getting ready for a Friday night here on some of the main drags. You can tell it’s kind of noisy, this is an urban environment so if you’re looking for a very active, fun, diverse campus in a city easily accessible by public transportation, this is a good place for you.
Mark Montgomery
Expert Educational Consultant


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