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Educational Consultant to Speak at American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong About College Admission


Mark Montgomery will deliver a breakfast presentation on Tuesday, March 1st, at the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.  The presentation will begin at 8 am, and breakfast is included.
Here is the description of the presentation.
Harvard had 35,000 applications this year, up 15% over last year, and up 50% over four years ago. The competition is fierce at all selective schools in the US. How will your child stack up? Does he/she even have a chance?
This seminar will provide an insider’s view of the college admissions process at selective universities in the US. You’ll learn why the rankings in US News & World Report are completely misleading, and why colleges are creating the illusion of greater selectivity, when in fact the profile of students admitted to the top schools has not budged in decades. We’ll identify the factors that are most important in selective college admissions, and teach you that despite the pressure for your child to live an over-scheduled life, the fact is that “less is more” at the most selective colleges. Further, we’ll reveal the secrets of college tuition pricing, and show you how to use savvy shopping techniques to get the best education at the best price. A deeper understanding of how the college admissions process actually works will help you feel more relaxed and more confident that your child can get an outstanding university education in the US.
For more information and to register for this event, please contact AmCham Hong Kong here.
Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant in Hong Kong


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