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Excellent Science and a Whole Lot More at Case Western Reserve University


On his recent trip across country, Mark stopped at the Case Western Reserve University  in Cleveland, Ohio to comment on its sciences and engineering programs.  But Case Western has a whole lot more to offer than just the science, including excellent programs in music. And its location amidst the institutions of high culture in Cleveland make it attractive to any student seeking an excellent education in an urban setting.
Check out this short video on the high culture and urban environment of Case, or read the transcript that follows.

Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant
I’m here now on the campus of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.  And behind me you can see the famous Lewis Building with its undulating walls.  This is a really great place for students who are interested in technical education, engineering, scientific fields, pre med – very well known in those fields.  And in that regard, Case is often compared to Carnegie Melon in Pittsburgh – same kind of urban environment in a northern industrial city and both are trying very hard to attract more arts and humanity students.  Like Carnegie Melon also the Cleveland Institute of Music is right near by sharing practically the same campus and you can do a dual degree in music and in the liberal arts and sciences over here at Case.
Something that makes Case distinctive, at least geographically, is that it shares a campus called University Circle with Severance Hall where the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra plays, the Botanic Gardens, the Institute of Art.  Really for anybody who’s interested in culture and wants an urban environment that’s very close to some of the best in high culture, Case Western is really hard to beat.  The campus itself is pretty urban.  There are some nice green patches here, but then it’s also bisected by a very large street kind of in the middle.  The medical campus is right nearby.  It’s really a great option for that sort of medium-sized school that is technically oriented and that’s in an urban environment; hard to find in a university.  This might be the place for you.


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