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Freshman Orientation Comes Eight Months Early


The ink is barely dry on the Early Decision college acceptance letters but students aren’t waiting for freshman orientation to meet each other. Thanks to Facebook, the original college “getting to know you book,” kids are discovering who will be in their class and whether they’re from Oklahoma City, Los Angeles or even Dubai.
They’re trading stories about what they like to do and what they dream of doing in college.   A favorite topic is the weather particularly for the experienced East Coasters sharing clothing tips with the West Coast kids.
Students are also reaching out to each other in a non viral way and considering meeting in person. If you live in the tri-state area, let’s meet up over the holidays.
Who plays quidditch?  Anyone want to start a team?
The best part of these Facebook gatherings are the sheer joy that jumps off the screen. The happiness these students feel from getting accepted and from meeting like minded folks is overly apparent.
“Even though we haven’t met, I feel like we’re friends already!” or “Who knew one piece of paper could make me so happy!”
These Facebook get-togethers aren’t organized by the colleges. Rather, they’re completely a grass roots effort. So log on today, and if your new college doesn’t have a group, be a leader and create one! Wait, you don’t have to be a leader anymore, now that you’re accepted to college??!! Think again.
Juliet Giglio
Educational Consultant in Los Angeles, California


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