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7 Little Changes To Make Getting Into College Easier

7 Little Changes That Will Make A Big Difference In Getting Into College

Read the following tips about way you can change to better your chances of getting into college.

Read books

One of the things that sets successful students apart from those who are less successful is that they read for enjoyment. There’s no better way to expand your mind, your vocabulary and your outlook on life than to read books.

Talk to your teachers, about anything

Before and after class, show an interest in school, in the subject, the lesson, current events, anything at all. Your teachers are there to help you and they want to get to know you. You can learn a lot, and eventually you’ll know who you can ask for a letter of recommendation.

Get to know your guidance counsellor

It’s the job of your guidance councilor to help you make decisions about your direction in life. This includes the college application process. He or she has vast knowledge about applying to college, and lots of wisdom about life in general. Talking to your councilor will help you choose a good path, and be less stressed along the way.

Get your homework done right when you get home from school

The old adage, “work before play” really applies here. Don’t procrastinate. Give yourself the maximum time and attention that your schoolwork requires. And do it while it’s fresh in your head, and before you’re too tired to do quality work.

Consume quality media

It can be enticing to spend time watching cute puppies or fail videos, but just remember that these things give you nothing beyond entertainment value. Watch a TED talk. Read an interesting news article or watch a video about current events. It’s all part of your learning process, and you will still enjoy yourself.

Confine your social media time to 30 minutes a day

We’ve all fallen down the rabbit hole of social media, but try not to waste too much time on these things. Set an alarm if you have to. Time is precious, and if you are going to be productive and successful, you need to focus when necessary, and participate in real life!

Worry less and have more fun

Everyone considering college wants to get accepted to the college of their choice. And the stress of achieving that can overwhelm you if you let it. Yes, you need to do your best in academics, but if you can relax a bit and spend time doing things you enjoy, you’ll be happier, more relaxed, and have a more well-rounded college application.

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