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Getting to Know the Disability Services Office


Before filling out that application, you really should contact the Disability Services Office by phone or by email and request all materials you will need to start the application process.  Colleges love to send out information, and among the materials they will send your family are the documentation guidelines.  Something you’ll notice right away is that families (not high schools) are responsible for verifying that existing documentation meets the college or university’s requirements. To be safe, request additional copies of your student’s evaluation results from your high school or testing service provider.  You might also need to schedule an appointment to complete additional testing to provide some supplementary information.  Be advised: preparing this documentation can take time, so complete this step as early as possible in the application process.  And allow the Disability Services Office sufficient time to review the information and become familiar with your student’s accommodation needs.  Any delay can mean a postponement in receiving appropriate accommodations.
Heather Creech
LD Educational Consultant


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