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Haverford College – A Small College With A Big Student Voice


Listen to some current Haverford students talk about why they chose to attend Haverford College. The great interactions with professors, the strong honor code, the friendly people, the beautiful campus, and of course – the delicious ice cream!
It is a beautiful fall day here at Haverford College where I just had the chance to talk to a few current students. It was really interesting to hear them talk about the importance of the honor code on campus which has a strong history and adds great value to the campus classroom and outside classroom experiences. The campus also has a strong Quaker tradition which allows for consensus of decisions, the ability for students to have a big voice on campus, ask good questions and build a strong community. This is a great campus right outside of city center Philadelphia with some new buildings, new residence halls in the works, great fall foliage, and a favorite-the  duck pond where numerous families were out feeding the ducks. Definitely worth a visit!
*Fun fact: Haverford is home to the ONLY varsity collegiate cricket team in the U.S. Don’t worry  though there are still plenty of club teams to play as competition!


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