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How To Set Up A College Interview In Your Hometown


Depending on where you live, admissions representatives may be visiting your town. This is a great chance to find out if those college representatives are doing interviews in your area. Typically, you can log on to the admissions website for the school and find their “meet your counselor” section. Find the representative for your region, gather their contact info, and either email or call to ask if they have time on their schedule to meet with you while they are in town. These reps visiting are often the ones reading your application so it is a great chance to get a little face time with them.
Not to worry if the admissions rep is not coming to your area. Often, schools allow for alumni interviews. You can usually contact the admissions office to get a listing of local alumni who conduct interviews and schedule these at a mutually convenient time. These interviews are a chance to meet with someone who graduated from the school, but still stays connected, and offers a chance for you to tell them about yourself but also for you to learn more about the school.


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