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How Will You Receive Your Admission Decision?

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Are the days of receiving a thick packet in the mailbox a thing of the past?
The answer might be yes, or maybe. It depends on who you ask.

Increasingly, colleges are sending out admissions decisions via e-mail. Or simply posting the student’s admission status on their website portal. While of course there are still many colleges that send out a letter or packet via snail mail, that is not the case for every college.

In my work I see how tied students are to technology. Their cell phones are inches away from them at all times and use of Facebook is constant. However, with all of the technology that high school students are using, e-mail has taken a back seat. Many of my students claim that they rarely check their e-mail. And when they do check it they have so much junk mail that they don’t take the time to read what is in their inbox. This poses a bit of a problem to the colleges seeking to communicate primarily via e-mail. Particularly when it comes to the admissions decision.

Check Your Inbox

I have asked a few students recently if they had heard from a college about their decision, only to be told no. When I asked if the student if they had checked their inbox they said “hold on a minute.” As they checked and then “oh yeah, here it is.” I also have had a few students this fall have their admission decisions go straight into their junk mail.

So, to the students out there, please make sure to check your e-mail carefully (including your junk mail and spam). And check your online status on the portal if you are looking for your admissions decision. To the colleges, make it very clear on your website how students will be receiving their admissions decision. So they don’t miss that exciting moment and find it weeks later hidden in their inbox.
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