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Is The College You Are Applying To A Good Investment?


No matter what way you look at it, college is an investment. It is an investment that pertains to many aspects of your life including: time, money, and happiness.
As you consider the college you are applying to, you may want to consider the investment you are making. The Daily Beast recently put together a list of colleges that looks at the “return on investment” you get from particular colleges based on satisfaction of alumni, donations to the school, and’s rankings which rank salary potential amongst other items.
Here are the top 15 “college investments” as they ranked them:
1. Princeton University
2. Amherst College

3. Dartmouth College
4. Williams College

5. College of Holy Cross

6. University of Notre Dame

7. Georgia Institute of Technology

8. Middlebury College
9. Harvey Mudd College

10. California Institute of Technology

11. Carleton College

12. Colgate University

13. Davidson College

14. University of Virginia

15. Union College
While this is a fun list to look at, as with every set of rankings, take these with a grain of salt. Remember, every student is different and therefore colleges that may be a good investment for some students may not be for others depending on your interests. A place that ensures your happiness and success may be not be the same for one of your friends.


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