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It's Not Too Late to Apply for Fall 2012 Admission at Some Great Schools!


Are you still looking for a place to attend college this upcoming fall?  Were you unhappy with the outcome of the college application decisions that you just received?  Then, here’s some good news!
Every year after the May 1st National Response Deadline, the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) conducts a survey of colleges in which it asks colleges and universities whether they still have space available to accept students for the fall of the upcoming school year.  The first round of responses is in (colleges continue to respond for several more days/weeks), and, as of May 2nd,  over 375 schools have space for either freshmen or transfer students, and they continue to accept applications.  Here’s the breakdown of the space availability:

  • Freshman space available:  362 colleges
  • Transfer space available:  374 colleges

Although it may seem that there are fewer and fewer slots available for students trying to get into college, this year had more schools reporting that they had space still available after May 1 than in the previous 12 years!
Also, if you think that you can’t afford to apply to school as a late applicant because financial aid resources will be all gone, think again!  Over 370 schools reported that they had institutional financial aid still available for late applicants.
One caveat, is that you still must be considered a “qualified applicant” to gain admission at these schools.  In other words, just because they have space, and you apply, this does not mean that you will get accepted.  If you had no chance of gaining admission during the regular admissions period, you won’t get accepted during this late application period, either.
Here’s just a very small sampling of schools who are still accepting applicants:

  1. Albright College, PA
  2. Albion College, MI
  3. University of Arizona, AZ
  4. College of the Atlantic, ME
  5. Drew University, NJ
  6. Eckerd College, FL
  7. Elizabethtown College, PA
  8. Evergreen State, WA
  9. Gordon College, MA
  10. Guilford College, NC
  11. Hofstra University, NY
  12. Hood College, MD
  13. Juniata College, PA
  14. Kalamazoo College, MI
  15. Knox College, IL
  16. Lawrence University, WI
  17. Loyola University, MD
  18. Manhattanville College, NY
  19. University of Maryland-Baltimore County, MD
  20. Mills College, CA
  21. New College, FL
  22. Oglethorpe University, GA
  23. Seton Hall University, NJ
  24. Stetson University, FL
  25. Smith College, MA
  26. Susquehanna University, PA
  27. University of San Diego, CA
  28. University of Tampa, FL
  29. Villanova University, PA
  30. Wheaton College, MA

To see the whole list of over 350 schools, check out the NACAC site by clicking here.  The list is available and updated through the end of June.
If you’re interested in applying to any of the space available schools for the Fall of 2012, you should contact the school admissions office directly to ask them how to best do that.  But, do it soon.  Space is available for now, but may be gone quickly!
Andrea Aronson
College Admissions Specialist
Westfield, NJ


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