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Khan Academy, PossibilityU and Flipping College Counseling


An article in this week’s Economist talks about how Khan Academy, the online repository of academic lectures and video clips, is “flipping the classroom,” by having students listen to new information online at home, and then use classroom time for tutoring and one-on-one guidance.  The idea is that basic concepts can be transmitted efficiently via video and initial exercises, but that practice and individual assistance can be delivered in a way that is both highly personal and highly effective.
This  model is working well in the schools that are incorporating Khan Academy into their instructional delivery.  Kids learn the general concepts, but then make them their own through personalized guidance.
This is exactly the model of PossibilityU, the online resource for college counseling.  We have developed a highly interactive set of videos and tutorials that deliver all the fundamental information that any student (and family) should consider when selecting and applying to colleges.  But we don’t stop with the videos.  We then offer small group and individual tutoring sessions, to enable students to share their individual concerns and puzzles with a highly-trained, expert adviser.
We give students all the tools they need to map out their plans, make solid decisions, and organize the process.  However, we also know that every student is different.  College counseling is counseling, and therefore–by definition–must be personalized.  This is why we couple our online tools with access to experienced counselors who can help individual students make sense of their own priorities and aspirations.
PossibilityU is flipping college counseling.  As school districts are finding it harder and harder to deliver college counseling…period…they are letting counselors go.  But the need remains:  students still need expert advice.  Through our unique combination of online tools and individualized guidance, college-bound students will be able to map their own paths with greater efficiency and with a higher probability of success.
To  learn more about PossibilityU, click on over.  At the very least, you’ll find some fun videos that I narrated.
Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant
Senior Adviser to PossibilityU


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