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Knox College Will Knock Your Socks Off


Knox College is a small liberal arts college in Galesburg, Illinois.  Despite its small size (1400 students), it has a great deal to offer.  All freshmen take a seminar course that serves as an introduction to the liberal arts. And all seniors are required to complete a capstone project in their major.  Student research is important at Knox. As evidenced by the fact that there is considerable funding for it — $250,000 in the sciences alone.  Service also is important, and Knox has an office in downtown Galesburg that connects students to volunteer opportunities.

According to admissions officers, students who are a good fit for Knox are academically curious go-getters who think outside the box.  I also was fortunate to talk to some Knox students, who said the college is defined by accountability and community.  Diversity probably should be added to that list. As Knox is in the top 50 most ethnically diverse liberal arts colleges, in the top 25 most international liberal arts colleges. And is among the best colleges for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered) students.  Knox operates on a trimester system in which students take three classes per term and each term is ten weeks.   

Watch this video to learn more about Knox College.


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