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Looking for a College Focused on Sustainability?


Do you consider yourself an environmentalist? Are sustainable efforts important to you? In honor of Earth Day I thought I would take a look at colleges with sustainable practices.
Colleges across the country are rolling out new sustainable practices. Take the time to learn about them when you do your campus visit! Check out some examples of colleges who are taking “being green” to new heights.
The University of Vermont announced this winter that they will become one of the first instituions nationwide to end the sale of bottled water on campus and mandate that at least one-third of the drinks that are in the vending machines on campus be healthy options.
Colorado College offers an organic food buying coop where each week students, faculty, and administrators have the option of buying a box of fruit, vegetables, or meats from local farmers in Southern Colorado and New Mexico. They also have an impressive composting program!
Colby College recently did a light bulb exchange where they distributed dozens of compact fluorescent bulbs to  faculty and staff in exchange for their energy inefficient bulbs.
At the University of Minnesota they have at least 200 alternative fuel vehicles, offer preferable parking to carpoolers and give public transit discounts to students and employees.
The University of Michigan operates a natural gas facility that meets 50 percent of campus energy needs. Their campus also features a solar hot water system and a 35-kilowatt solar array.
At the University of Colorado Boulder they have five LEED Gold buildings, use only non-VOC paints and green cleaning products on campus. They also employ ten full time sustainability staff and department eco-leaders.
These are just a few highlights. There are lots more out there to explore!


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