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Looking To Go To Law School? You Might Want To Consider A Degree In The Classics!

Colgate University logo. A degree in the classics can be the key to law school.

If you are looking to go on to law school, or have a career in law, it is likely that you have considered a degree in political science or history. But what about the Classics?

A recent article on the Colgate University website described how alumni from the Department of the Classics at Colgate University returned to campus to talk with current students. About how their majors (which ranged from Latin to Greek to Classics Studies) have allowed them to enjoy success throughout law school and in their legal careers.  One of the alums explained that studying the Classics provides students with a unique skill set. Allows them to stand apart from peers in law school. And that the ability to memorize details and vocabulary will serve them well.

Some of the alums explained that the ability to read closely, think analytically, and evaluate the meaning of words in ancient Greek or Latin text was invaluable to their legal career.

The common assumption

Often, prospective students make the assumption that they have to choose a major that will directly correlate to their career. However, it is important to have an understanding of what skills will be aquired through the study of the major. And how those might help you in the future. For example, if you think you are interested in a medical degree, while of course you will need those science classes as pre-requisites, many medical schools also like to see students who branch out into majors that allow them to think critically, make good decisions, and communicate with others such as future patients.

Sometimes, choosing a major a little different from your peers, or off the beaten path, can help you stand out when it comes time to apply to graduate school or jobs.


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