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Mark’s Musings on Higher Education


Mark has opinions. He likes to share them. Just ask his wife.

Thanks to the miracle of the iPhone, Mark can share his opinions with you via video.

Mark’s Musings include tips on choosing the best colleges, advice on how to prepare for admission, reactions to news in the world of higher education, and thoughts about growing up in America. These musings come out on a relatively random schedule: whenever the mood hits.
Sometimes it will be a rant about a terrible college tour he just endured. Sometimes it will be a response to a question he received through this website. Sometimes he’ll be nicely dressed and clean shaven, and other times he’ll look like a wreck.
But no matter the subject, the setting, or his clothing choices for the day, Mark will share his unvarnished thoughts about his work in advising students from all over the world about how to navigate high school, the college admissions process, and the world of higher education.

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