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McDaniel–A High Quality, High Value Liberal Arts Education


On a recent trip to eastern Pennsylvania to visit colleges, I made a little detour down into Maryland to visit McDaniel College.  I had always wanted to visit the campus, ever since a young woman I met while visiting colleges in Minnesota told me that her first choice was McDaniel.  Of course, I had read about McDaniel College in Loren Pope’s Forty Colleges That Change Lives, and I had talked to some admissions representative at the Colleges That Change Lives fairs in Colorado.
But I was very pleased to get a good view of the campus. Unfortunately, I took my walk around the campus on a Sunday, which is never an ideal time to visit a campus. But I made the best of it, poked around in the various buildings that were open. I also headed into town to find a cup of coffee and a bagel…with success!
I took a few minutes to ruminate on the relative cost of McDaniel College in comparison with some of the other campuses I had been visiting.  McDaniel, with its relatively low tuition price and its general financial aid packages for top students, offers an excellent education at a bargain price.  For students who want the liberal arts experience but are unable to afford colleges that do not offer much in the way of merit-based financial aid, McDaniel could be an excellent choice.
Here is the short video I recorded.  If you prefer, you can read the transcript below.

Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant


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