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MIT Admissions and Superheroes


You don’t have to be a superhero to get into MIT, but you might have a classmate who is!
Each year, MIT produces a video to let applicants know when admissions letters will be delivered. The videos are released on March 14 (3/14… also known as Pi Day), and this year’s features someone that comic book fans will recognize.
Riri Williams is a 15 year old super-genius from Chicago who gets into MIT while most of her peers are still in high school. She recently took over for Tony Stark in the comics; her superhero identity is Ironheart, and the suit is built largely out of scraps she found around the school. MIT clearly loved the idea, as this year’s admissions video features Riri working on the suit, followed by Ironheart helping deliver MIT’s famous admissions tubes.

So, has anyone gotten a visit from a superhero lately? If not, get in contact with us for some great college advice! We can help you plan your college journey so you can get into MIT and have Riri–and other everyday superheroes–as your classmates and friends.
Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant and Admissions Expert


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