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More Opinions on Advanced Placement


One of our most commented on posts is “Which is Better: AP or IB?” In the post, Mark Montgomery highlights the differences between the two academic programs.  Recently, the NY Times published a piece where five different professionals offered opinions on the expanding Advanced Placement program.  The article states that the number of students taking Advanced Placement courses has risen nearly 50% from 2004 to 2009.  For some, this vast increase is cause for concern.  For others, there is a need to expand AP courses, especially to low-income and minority groups.
As mentioned in our previous post above, whether or not a student should enroll in AP (or IB for that matter) courses depends on the student’s ability and preparation.  Of course colleges want to see students enrolled in the most challenging curriculum available, however it is also about the grades that the student receives.  Students, parents and guidance counselors should work together to determine the best curriculum match for the students abilities.  That is the best way to ensure the student has a strong academic performance.
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant
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