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Most Popular Majors by State: Wyoming Is Full of Anthropologists

A group of graduates throws hats up into the sky.

The publication Business Insider recently published a graphic indicating the most popular major in each state.
Some interesting findings include the following:

  • Wyoming has a lot of anthropology majors.  This must be due to the efforts of my college dorm mate, Sarah Strauss, who is on the faculty there.
  • Florida is full of criminologists.  These folks must also be fans of Carl Hiassen.
  • Alabama has a bunch of school counselors, despite the fact that most public schools have had to decrease the number of school counselors.  Maybe someone should tell the kids in Alabama?
  • North Dakota has a lot of engineers, which may strike most Ivy League colleges as interesting, as they regularly have a hard time finding qualified candidates to apply to those schools.

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Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant


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