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Need to Change Something on Your Application?


Last week, I wrote about “additional information” essays, but what happens if you have already submitted your application?  Don’t panic!  If you did not include essential information in your application, you still can.  If you need to make corrections to your application or submit additional information, you should immediately email the admissions office.  If you have the contact for the admissions officer who is reading your application, even better.  In addition to the email, you should also mail a letter with the additional information you would like considered.
You should also follow the steps mentioned above if you you can relate to any of the following situations:
– Your mom decided to read your essay “one more time” and found an error.  Send admissions offices an updated version of your essay and ask them to replace it with the copy submitted with your application.
– Your history grade improved from the C reported on your first quarter grades to a respectable B because you aced your last exam.  Kindly ask your history teacher to write a few comments about your improved grade and sign it.  Scan the letter and email it to all of the schools you have applied to and put the a hard copy in the mail.
– The mayor of your city has just recognized a non-profit organization that you helped create.  Cut the article out of the newspaper and mail it into the schools you applied to, along with a letter.  If you can provide a link to the article, send an email in as well.
Remember that it is important to provide colleges with all of the information they need to make an informed decision about your application.  Just because application deadlines have passed, does not mean that you can not submit additional information.
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant


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