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New Expertise in College Planning for Students with Learning Differences


For Immediate Release
Montgomery Educational Consulting is pleased to announce that Heather Creech has joined the firm as a specialist in helping students with learning differences in their transition from high school to college.
Ms. Creech has 17 years of experience in assessing, diagnosing and reporting language and learning problems in Colorado public schools.  As a special education case manager at Cherry Creek High School in suburban Denver, Colorado, she has counseled thousands of students with learning challenges to make the best decisions when planning post-secondary options.
In addition, Heather is an experienced reading and writing specialist, and is a certified speech-language pathologist.  She not only interprets students’ Individual Educational Plans (IEPs), but she has written and implemented them, as well.  Furthermore, Ms. Creech is able to administer, interpret, and report results of various educational assessments.
“We are thrilled that Heather has joined our team,” says Dr. Mark Montgomery, President of the firm.  “She has deep experience in working with all sorts of kids, and she has a calm and reassuring approach to advising, and she is able to win students’ confidence easily with her easy manner and good sense of humor.  Parents also are completely at ease with her combination of skill and charm.”
For her part, Ms. Creech is excited to be able to offer her expertise to more families as they navigate this difficult transition.  “It’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to help students and their families.  This transition can be so stressful, but with some good information and a bit of patience, students can find the right path for themselves.”
As part of the process of planning the transition to college, Ms. Creech counsels students on how to assess their needs, to articulate their preferences, and to develop academic, behavioral, vocational, and life skills.
“What makes Heather stand out in the realm of educational consulting is that she not only counsels students on how to select the right post-secondary option, but she helps them plan for success once they make that transition” says Dr. Montgomery. “Her constant focus is on student achievement and future fulfillment, not just on ‘getting in”’ to a particular school or program.”
Ms. Creech has experience in working with students with a wide range of learning differences, including dyslexia and other language based disorders, ADD/ADHD, and Asperger’s syndrome.
Ms. Creech earned a BS in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Arizona State University, and a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Cincinnati.  She lives in the Denver area with her husband Erik and their three children.
To learn more about the services Heather Creech can offer to students with learning differences, please contact Montgomery Educational Consulting at 720.279.7577 or
Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant
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