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Prepare for Fall College Visits in Your Hometown


Fall is time when college admissions representatives hit the road in order to reach out to prospective students.  Their travels may take them all over the world and this is your chance to connect with an admissions representative in your hometown.  Colleges may plan local receptions, offer opportunities to interview, visit high schools and attend college fairs.
Having contact with admissions representatives is an important aspect of the college application process. Remember that colleges want to admit students that they feel are going to come, so having a face-to-face  interaction with the person who is going to review your file is a great way show that you are interested.
What should you do?
1.  Email the colleges you are applying to and find out if they are planning on visiting your area this fall.  If they are coming for a fair or a high school visit, ask if they will have time to conduct interviews.
2.  If a representative is coming for a college fair, make sure and read our post, “The Art of College Fairs” in order to make the best impression at a college fair.
3.  Here are some general interview tips if you do have the opportunity to interview with a visiting college representative.
College Week in Denver is October 10th through the 16th.  For more information on the fairs that will take place that week, visit College Fairs of Greater Denver, Inc.
For additional national college fairs, visit or ask the college guidance office at your high school.


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