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Private School Admissions–A Fierce Competition


Kathleen Kingsbury of the Daily Beast recently posted another article highlighting the craziness of the world of school admission. This time she takes aim at private school admissions at the elite institutions.

And we’re not talking college. We’re talking pre-school, as well as elementary school.

Kathleen’s article is titled, Private School Parents Confess. Seems that some parents have a lot to confess, including bribing their toddlers to perform well in admissions interviews to timing when they give birth so that their darlings can be precisely the right age to make certain cut-offs.  Oh, and some parents actually lie.


The vignettes Kathleen presents are both humorous and horrifying. Have a look.

If you dare.

And if you think it can get nasty in pre-school, wait until the college admissions process comes along…

Mark Montomery
College Consultant


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