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Public Colleges and the Economic Crisis


Piggy Bank GraduateEarlier this month, US News and World Report published an interactive map to show which states are headed towards a budget cuts. Since less tax revenue dollars will influence the budget’s at public colleges, the map was created to “help parents and students understand what to expect from public colleges around the country”.
Another direct result of public college budget cuts could be increased enrollment of out-of-state students.  The University of California system is reporting that they will have a record number of out-of-state and international students enrolling this fall.  According to the LA Times, more than 8% of the projected freshmen students are not from California, which is up from 6% last year.  The majority of the overseas and out-of-state students enrolling at UCLA or UC Berekeley.
So while state budget pressures could mean a more competitive admission process for in-state students, out-of-state students may have their chance to get their foot in the door.
Katherine  Price
Educational Consultant
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