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Reasons to Avoid Senioritis

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Seniors, you only have a few weeks left of high school! Make sure to finish strong and avoid senioritis. Here are a few reasons why!

Colleges reserve the right to take back a decision they have made.

This is not a statement intended to scare you. But it is a good reminder to keep your grades up at the end of the school year. Colleges reserve the right to retract an admissions acceptance if a student gives them a final high school transcript with multiple failing grades, dropped courses, or a significant downward trend.

This doesn’t happen too frequently, and it does typically need to be a significant change in your transcript. But I can tell you from experience, it does happen. When I worked at the University of Colorado Boulder in admissions every year we would have to make a few of these tough calls. It wasn’t a conversation I ever wanted to have with a family who had already gotten excited about attending the university, signed up for orientation, found out who their roommate was and was planning their trip out for the fall. Keep those grades up and don’t let your final transcript change the course of your college path.

Your senior spring is preparing you for college.

The courses you are taking right now, the work you are doing, the AP tests you are studying for, and final projects you are working on are all preparing you for the coursework you will face while in college. While your courses may be structured differently when you get to college (lots more reading and maybe less busy work) it is still important to be academically prepared when you head off to school.

Your performance on the tests you take now may be able to give you college credit later!

Many of you students are getting ready for AP tests, subject tests, IB diplomas and other culminating exams. Try to push senioritis off long enough to get through these exams. As many of them may help you achieve credit heading into college which can reduce money and time later. In addition, you may be able to pass out of introductory courses based on the scores you received on some of the tests. So, finish strong and it may pay off!

You are almost there! Avoid senioritis! Keep up the good work! Summer will be here before you know it.


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