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Educational Consultant Reviews Wake Forest University in North Carolina

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Mark Montgomery, expert college admissions advisor and educational consultant, reviews Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. At just under 5,000 students, Wake Forest is a medium-sized university. And features Division I sports, great academics, strong departments, and a beautiful campus to boot. Mark recommends that anyone interested in attending college in the South take a look at Wake Forest University.


We are now on the campus of Wake Forest University. A beautiful park-like campus completely fenced in located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Architecturally harmonious with kind of a soft, tan brick, you can see the library behind me.

A few things to know about Wake Forest

It is one of the top universities in the South. It has Division I sports. One of the smaller Division I sports universities in the United States, and very, very competitive athletically; solid academics all around; it has just about under 5,000 students; and a variety of really strong departments including a business school.


Also, I think a few things that I am really impressed with are the facilities. They everywhere they took us on the tour. Of course, they take us to the nicest buildings, the nicest dorm, the nicest classroom buildings. But clearly they invest money in the facilities. I also have to notice the landscaping is absolutely phenomenal. Housing here, the dormitories are required for students for the first three years and then guaranteed for four.

Greek Life

In addition Fraternities and sororities are big here. About 40% of the students belong to fraternities and sororities, but they are integrated into the housing system. They do not have a separate Greek row or Greek houses.The Greek organizations are actually based in the dormitories themselves in college-owned space. So, that probably helps ensure that the parties do not get too wild because the college can keep an eye on things, at least the facilities here (who knows what happens off-campus, of course), and a strong performing arts that even the non-major can be involved with.

This is really a nice-sized university, academically challenging, in a beautiful location, and a nice city. I have been really impressed with it. I had a great tour here. The one thing I will say, too, that I was interested in was listening to the information session. They really personalized it.

The guy who was giving it personalized it very much and gave a lot of examples from his own experience as a student here, and that really helped I think make it much more of a compelling presentation rather than just ripping off a gazillion facts and figures, so it is interesting to take these information sessions and see what different colleges do, and they make it more personal by not just a spewing of the facts, so that was cool.

A very impressive place, I enjoyed my visit here very much, and I am going to take another quick look around, and talk to a librarian, and see what else I can learn. If you are looking for a medium-sized university in the South with great academic opportunities, as well Division I sports, Wake Forest is a great place to check out.
Mark Montgomery
Expert Educational Consultant


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