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Senior Spring-Watch Out for Senioritis!

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Seniors, as you head back to school for your final semester of high school make sure you don’t catch that disease that seniors sometimes catch…Senioritis.

It is an exciting time in your life. Finishing one chapter and looking forward to the next. However, it can be an easy time to start to slip into some bad habits.

Here are three tips to avoid Senioritis:

Keep up your grades

Many colleges ask for mid-year grade reports to confirm that you are still on track and they will also receive a final high school transcript to confirm that you maintained the solid coursework throughout the spring.

Don’t drop classes you told the colleges you were going to take

Colleges can see the senior schedule that you listed on your application and want to make sure that you stick with those. If you do make changes, make sure to notify the colleges on your list.

Stay motivated

Keep up with your interests, extracurricular activities, or job. See what interests persist, or develop, as it may help you determine what clubs you want to get involved with in college.

One part of the admissions process that high school students forget about is the “rescind” process. Colleges have the right to take back a decision they have made on a student’s application if there are significant reasons to do so. These may include disciplinary infractions or significant drops in grade. Don’t let this happen to you.
I also recommend you check out the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s tips to avoid Senioritis.
Follow the tips above, avoid Senioritis, and have a wonderful senior spring!
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