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Simpson College – A Hidden Treasure in Iowa

I recently had the chance to visit Simpson College and talk with a friend and former colleague, Brittany Preston, who works at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa as Assistant Director of Admissions.
Simpson College is a small college with about 1,500 students located just twelve miles from Des Moines. They offer a great nurturing academic environment with 80 different majors to choose from, greek life, intercollegiate athletics, study abroad, research and much more. They also have exciting career, internship, and entertainment options available down the road in the state’s capital. With wonderful May term course options, guaranteed internships, small class size, personal attention, a beautiful campus and numerous research opportunities this may the right fit for you. They also have some fun traditions to learn about. If you go visit, don’t miss their brand new beautiful student center that just opened!
In the video above, Brittany talks about Simpson College, its admissions process, scholarships, and why out of state students should consider this hidden treasure in Iowa.
Enjoy some of the pictures I took during my visit!


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