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Still Haven't Sent In Your Deposit? Read This…


So you still have not made your final decision?  If our previous post on making the final decision did not help, here are some more tips.
Get to Know Your Classmates
Hopefully you had a chance to visit the colleges you were admitted to.  If you did, you probably attended an admitted student event that included hundreds of other students who had also been admitted to the same school.  What was your impression of your future potential classmates?  Remember it is important to not only like the school you will be attending, but also the people who will be attending it with you.
If you did not have a chance to visit a school you can still get to know your classmates by jumping on-line.  Colleges and universities are often creating Facebook groups or have chat rooms through their website where you can get to know other admitted students.
Get to Know the Campus
Again, if you did not have chance to visit a school as an admitted student, then pick up the phone.  Call the admissions office and ask to speak with a current student (often times, they will also call you!).  Ask as many question as you can think of.  Talk about the social scene, the professors, opportunities for involvement, don’t be shy!
Don’t stop at speaking with students.  Call the director of the visual arts program if you plan on being a performer.  Ask to speak with the coach of the club softball team if that is something that is important to you.  Admissions is often seen as a campus-wide effort, so don’t be afraid to ask to speak to campus professionals outside of the admissions office.
Money Talks
The financial aspect of the decision is perhaps one of the most important aspects.  Our previous posts provided helpful articles in this department, but it might come down to one simple question:  What is the best decision for your family?
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant


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