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Student who got Great College Advice on essays talks about his experience

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Rob worked with Mark Montgomery on his college essay to make sure they were the best they could be. He reflects on the process in this video.

I think writing the essay was the hardest part, because it’s more than just putting 650 words on the paper. I think that writing the essay, you have to be confident about what you’re writing about. You can’t just BS the process. It’s a process in which you need to know exactly what you want to write about yourself and how you want to portray yourself, and so… I started off, I think, with a very inadequate perception of what the essay was gonna be about. But I think, with Mark’s help, I was able to understand that the essay, the importance of the essay, and how to develop a good essay that was going to explain myself, my thoughts, to the college in the best way possible. And I think, though it was, I would say, the hardest part of the college experience, I think, you know, having the help of a college counselor was very beneficial to my process.


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