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Summer Task for Seniors: Complete Your Essay


This week we have been discussing ways for seniors to get a jump start on the college application process.  We have already discussed ways to narrow down your list and how to organize your application requirements and deadlines.  But what is the most important thing you can to give you a head start on your college applications:  complete you essay.
Yes I said “complete”.  There is no reason any high school senior should start the school year without a completed personal statement.  We have plenty of posts on our website to help get you started, including the recent post from Mark Montgomery on “Essays that Worked.”
Another post, “Getting Started on Your College Essay” provides insight into the prompts provided by the Common Application.
Keep in mind that in addition to your personal statement, you may also have to write supplemental essays for some of your schools.  While most colleges do not have their supplemental essay topics posted, most will have them up by August 1st.
Happy writing!
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant


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