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Swarthmore College – Take A Seat!


The best seats to try out on a campus visit might not always be the ones in a classroom! Watch the video below to learn more.

When you are looking at colleges I encourage you to take note of spaces on campus where students gather together both informally and for academic purposes. Look for areas on campus where students are hanging out, talking with each other, or meeting with professors to see how the student population interacts with one another. One of the things I loved about my visit to Swarthmore was that there seemed like a lot of places on campus to gather and enjoy the company of others.  As I was walking around campus I kept seeing these Adirondack style chairs. I noticed students outside studying in them, talking with a professor, reading a book, or catching up with friends. So i figured I needed to take a seat on one! The chairs give a great opportunity to take in the beautiful campus that has lots of green and open space. The academics at Swarthmore are top notch and the school prides itself on creating students and future leaders dedicated to the common good. With a small faculty to student ratio students can develop close professor connections. So, if you visit Swarthmore, take the time to stop, sit and enjoy your surroundings and maybe even see if you can find the GIANT Adirondack chair on campus and climb into it. Also, in the video, enjoy a little 360 view of two of the quads I walked across on this nice fall day.


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