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Andrea Aronson Offers Great College Advice in New Jersey and Beyond!


Andrea Aronson is a Great College Advisor.  And many of her biggest fans are former students and parents who have worked with her to make the college admissions process both successful and fun.

I wanted to take the time to thank you for all the help you have been giving me, you have absolutely no idea how much I appreciate it !! I also wanted to inform you that on Friday I was admitted to Amherst College!!!! WITH a FULL RIDE 🙂 I know you will be as excited by the news as I am, and I have to say I owe a lot of this acceptance to you and your unconditional support throughout this entire process. It has been an absolute pleasure to meet you and have the opportunity to get your expert advice throughout. There should be more people like you in the world, and your children are as lucky as I was to have you by my side. Once again thank you soooo much!!!!
E.D., New Jersey
Without reservation I would recommend Andrea. She is smart, thoughtful, knowledgeable, responsive and patient. Most importantly, she was able to forge a unique relationship with my daughter that helped to make a process fraught with so much anxiety a much smoother experience for all.
L.H., New Hampshire
Thank you for all your assistance in my college search.  I’m positive I couldn’t have gotten such amazing results without your recommendations, counsel, and good cheer.  You seemed to have the answer to every question.  Thank you for talking late at night, making time on the weekends, and reaching the extra mile when I needed you.
C.C., Maine
On behalf of everyone in the our family, thank you so much for your amazing work helping both our sons with college!
You did the most important thing of all:  let each of them take ownership of this process while still lending a critical guiding hand and (as opposed to us…) a voice they would listen to!  For that, they are lucky, and we are grateful.
E.M., New York
You helped me so much throughout the entire process, and my application would have been very different without you. You totally changed how I thought about applying to college.  Thank you, again.
P.A., Colorado
I had 3 main goals. 1. Assist my daughter to understand what type of schools would best suit her and identify those schools (and understand our family’s financial constraints in tandem). 2. Help her navigate her way through the application process and edit applications and essays. 3. Help her decide which school to attend after acceptances have been received.
All of those goals were achieved with extraordinary success. As a typical 18 year old, my daughter thinks her parents “don’t know anything” and Andrea was able to give her the same advice I may have but have that advice heard. From the beginning of their relationship my daughter had nothing but praise and admiration for the work Andrea did. My daughter was admitted to several schools that were right for her (and very generous with scholarship money) that would never been on our radar without Andrea’s help.
P.A., New Jersey
Andrea, thank you again for all your help when things got crazy. I don’t know what we would have done without your advice.
E.C., California
Needless to say, I’m ecstatic about all of my acceptances, and I couldn’t appreciate your help more. I’m super glad that I have all of these schools to choose from. Thank you so much for all of your help, it has been a long yet fun process.
S.M., New York


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