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The Secret To Disclosing Your "Secret Identity"


Now that you’ve decided to disclose your learning difference, the question shifts to how and when you should disclose it.  Regardless of the application and the college, you should definitely disclose your learning difference in writing. Sometimes students will address the main essay prompt by describing how their learning challenge impacted their academic careers over time.  If the main essay doesn’t provide you with an opportunity to disclose your learning disability, remember that applicants are usually asked if they want to add any additional information.  If so, write a personal statement consisting of 150-200 words and attach to the application packet. Regardless, remember that your statement should not be presented as an excuse for academic difficulties.  Be confident, honest, and positive, and don’t forget to include current, professional documentation of your disability and your need for accommodations.
Heather Creech
Educational Consultant


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