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There are no SAT Tests in the Summer!


It often comes as a surprise when parents and students realize there are no SAT tests offered over the summer.
Given that the College Board offers tests practically all year long, it makes little sense that there are no standardized tests offered during the one time of year when students actually have more time to study for them!
May 8th is the deadline for signing up for the June SAT test – aka the last test before summer.
Of course if you’d like to give the College Board an more money, go ahead and wait for the late registration deadline so that instead of $49, you can give them $75.  Personally, I have better ways of spending $26 and I’m guessing you do too.
On June 2nd, students can take either the SAT Reasoning Tests (ie, the main SAT) or they can take selected SAT Subject Tests.
BUT- Students can’t take both the SAT Reasoning test and the Subject Tests at the same time.  They must be taken on different test dates.
If you take your SAT in June, you’ll have online results in less than three weeks.  If you’re not happy with your scores, you can always take the test again in October and/or November and/or December.
Many Seniors see their SAT scores go up in their Senior Fall.  Why? Because they are more mature.
Juliet Giglio
Educational Consultant in Syracuse, New York


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