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Tips for Filling Out Your Housing Application

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Once you have decided where you are going to attend college there are lots of “next steps” to take. One of the big ones is to fill out your housing application to determine where you are going to live on campus and who you are going to live with. Each college and university has a slightly different process for how they do this so make sure to pay attention to the information you receive in the mail, or via email, from the housing office.

Video Recap:

After a visit to the University of Northern Colorado I had a chance to connect with one of my graduate school friends who now works in residence life. She shared a few tips about filling out the housing application.
1) Be honest on the housing application. Students,  please please please – fill it out yourself!  Whether you are messy or clean, a late riser or an early to bed kind of person, or a smoker/nonsmoker you want to let the housing office know so they can match you with a roommate who will complement your style.
2) Look for living and learning communities. Living and learning communities are great ways to connect with students who share a common interest. There are often extra perks such as taking classes right in your residence hall, access to special field trips, guest lectures, close proximity to your classes, etc.
3) You are going to be sharing space. Be ready to learn how to compromise! Sharing your room can be a challenging experience if it is your first time doing so. Set up a contract with your roommate and certain guidelines you want to follow to be respectful of one another.


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