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Top Ten "Green" Colleges


Recently, the Sierra Club published its list of the “Top Ten:  America’s Coolest Schools”, their version of the top “green” universities.  Highlights include buildings that have earned the LEED Gold standard, colleges that use animals waste to generate energy and several college farms or gardens.
As more and more students are “going green” themselves, considering an environmentally responsible campus may be an important part of your college search.  When looking at schools, consider whether or not the college supports green initiatives or programs.  If not, is this something you could promote once you are a student there?
If being green in college is your top priority, consider these top ten schools:
1.  University of Washington
2. Green Mountain College
3. UC San Diego
4. Warren Wilson College
5.  Stanford University
6.  UC Irvine
7.  UC Santa Cruz
8.  UC Davis
9. Evergreen State College
10.  Middlebury College
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant


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