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University of Colorado Boulder Offers New Scholarships for Colorado Residents


CU logoIf you’re an outstanding student in Colorado, you may want to think twice about going out-of-state for college.  With the goal of keeping more of Colorado’s best students in-state, CU-Boulder recently launched the Esteemed Scholars Program.  The program provides scholarships in varying amounts, based on students’ GPA’s and test scores.  The qualifications and scholarship amounts are as follows.  SAT scores are out of 1600.

  • 4.0 GPA and 33 ACT or 1440 SAT: $20,000 ($5,000/year)
  • 4.0 GPA and 31 ACT or 1350 SAT: $14,000 ($3,500/year)
  • 3.9 GPA and 28 ACT or 1240 SAT: $10,000 ($2,500/year)
  • 3.8 GPA and 30 ACT or 1310 SAT: $10,000 ($2,500/year)

Students who applied for Fall 2013 and who meet the above criteria will automatically be considered for a scholarship.  CU estimates that 20-25 percent of the Colorado residents in next year’s freshman class will receive a scholarship through the Esteemed Scholars Program.
For more information about the program, visit CU’s website.


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