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University of Georgia Hits #1 Party School


The Princeton Review released their annual list of party schools last Monday and the University of Georgia hit number one for the first time.  According to an article in USA Today, university officials are not happy.   They wanted to point out that they also made the top 50 of two other Princeton Review lists, “Best Values” and “Green Honor Roll”.
The article continues by pointing out that “Colleges dismiss the rankings as unscientific and complain that they glorify dangerous behavior.”  It does seem that this particular ranking receives more press than the “Best Food on Campus” or “Happiest Students” rankings .
I caution students to consider this ranking as they would any other, with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Just because a school made it to this particular ranking list, does not mean you are going to surrounded by rowdy, out-of-control parties if you attend.  It is important to remember to focus on what is important in your college search process.  Does the school offer your major?  Are they providing the type of learning environment and curriculum that works best for you?  Do you feel the school is a good “fit”?
The college search process is all about exploring your options.  You should not be relying on college ranking lists to determine where you should apply.  Conducting campus visits, attending college fairs and exploring websites are a much better way to determine if a school is a good “fit” for you.
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant
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