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Value of a College Degree


The value of a college degree may not be what it used to be.  Tuition hikes, increasing loan debt, extended graduation timelines, and uncertain employment opportunities due to the economic downturn all have led some to question the value of a college degree.  The Wall Street Journal recently published an article where experts debate the real value of lifetime earnings of a college graduates over high-school graduates.  While all the experts agree that college grads still do make more money than those that earn a high school diploma, some point out that the overall number may be less than originally estimated.
While it may be difficult to determine the monetary value of a college degree, there is also something to be said for the life lessons that a student can learn while at college.  Not only is college an opportunity to obtain knowledge, even beyond what is need for the job market, but it can also be an important opportunity to learn independence and other life skills.


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