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Villanova University – Strong Community, Identity and Religious Foundation


    As you pull into the visitor’s parking lot at Villanova University you are immediately struck with a view of the imposing St. Thomas of Villanova Church. As you walk around the campus it is hard not to feel like you have stepped back in time. The beautiful stone buildings (just look at these pictures I took!), one looking remarkably like a castle, and an old graveyard catch your eye only interrupted by the sounds of a flag football game on one of the green spaces.
During my visit I stopped a few students to ask them what they liked about Villanova and why they chose to attend the school. While many of them chose the college for specific academic programs they all mentioned the word community.
Part of the reason for the strong community may be because Villanova is rooted in Augustinian Catholic tradition. The religious foundation of the college creates a strong identity for the campus and students. Programs and research on issues are taught through the lens of Catholic teaching.
As you are searching for colleges you may want to think about the role you want religion to play in the campus you attend. Do you want it to be a big element to the campus or a small one? Do you want religion to be visible on campus physically in the buildings or theoretically through teaching or both. Or, do you not want a religious influence at all? These are all important considerations in your college search.
Watch below to hear a little more from me on this subject and also from a few students about why they chose to attend Villanova!



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