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Visiting Colleges on a Budget


Last week, the Today Show featured a segment which highlighted how to visit colleges on a budget.  The suggestions included only visiting colleges that are a “good fit” for the student, try to stay overnight with a current student and organize college visits with a group.  Here are some other issues to consider when you are trying to create your visit list:
Showing interest is important.  Like it or not, most schools will consider whether or not you visited campus as a factor in the admission process.  They want to admit students who have shown interest and who are therefore, more likely to enroll.  If you absolutely are not able to visit a campus, make sure you still make contact with the admissions office.   There are opportunities to meet with admissions officers in your hometown, but you can also ask if there is an opportunity to meet with an alumnus in your area or do a phone interview.
Consider asking for a travel scholarship.  Some schools do provide travel scholarships so that prospective students can visit.  You may have to be already admitted and provide information on how a visit would be an economic hardship (sometimes this can be shown through your financial aid application or a letter from a guidance counselor).  While this may not help you show interest for the actual admissions process, it still may help you make your final decision if you are able to visit as an admitted student.
Look at virtual tours.  Reality is that most students are not going to be able to visit all of the schools they are interested in.  However, there is now plenty of information on the internet to help you get a feel for a school.
Ask a professional.  We can help you narrow down your visit list.  Contact us today to get started!
Katherine Price
Educational Consultant


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