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What does "demonstrated interest" mean when applying to college?


“Demonstrated interest” means showing a college that you want them just as much as you hope they want you.
You’re probably thinking that just by virtue of applying to that college that you are “demonstrating your interest”.  That’s true, but in the competitive world of college application, it often helps to show them your love just a bit more.
Ways of “demonstrating your interest” include the following:
a) Going to their info sessions when admissions representatives come to your town or city.
b) Visiting their website and asking for more brochures.
c) Visiting their college is the best way to show your interest.  You can often schedule an interview at the same time.
d) Interview with an alumnus if you can’t get to the college.
The best thing about trying to “demonstrate your interest” is that you will actually discover if you’re really interested in that college because you’ll have invested some real time and thought into the matter.  You’ll have moved beyond the brand or ranking of that college.
Juliet Giglio
Educational Consultant in Syracuse, New York


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