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Seattle University What’s the Weather Like Today?

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The weather in Colorado is finally improving.  We have been enjoying sunny days and have left our late spring snow storms behind (finally).  As a California native, I can relate to how interesting it can be to adjust to weather you are not used to.  I spent 7 years in Boston. And now have 5 under my belt in Colorado and the snow is still an adjustment.  I can relate to my students who have concerns about weather. But I am also reminded of the wonderful opportunities I have had. Because I did not let a little climate change stand in my way.

The topic of weather in the college search process came up during a very chilly visit to Seattle University (keep in mind it was the middle of winter).  Our tour guide, who was originally from Hawaii, commented on how the weather in the Pacific Northwest was an adjustment. But it just made him appreciate the sunny days even more.  He was able to overlook this obstacle because of all the opportunities that the University gave him.  So, take the weather into consideration, but you never know what else you might be missing.
Watch my video or read the summary below to learn more about the great things that Seattle University has to offer and why it worth over looking those cloudy days.

Today I had the opportunity to tour Seattle University.  There are three things that stood out to me about this wonderful school.  One is the urban location.  It is very close to the heart of downtown Seattle. And the university provides resources for students to tour this wonderful city.  Another thing that stood out was the beautiful architecture.  There is an amazing mix of new buildings with modern amenities with newly renovated older buildings that have been here since the school was founded in the 1890’s. 

Resources for Students

Another aspect that thoroughly impressed me are the abundance of resources available to students.  Students talked the community feel and the ability to build relationships with professors due the small classes.  Also students have access to wonderful tutoring facilities in many subjects.  Students also access to a 24-hour reference librarian that they can get to on-line. 

There are also areas of the library that are open 24 hours so that students can study when it is convenient for them.  Overall, I think Seattle University provides a strong community feel in a wonderful city.  I think that one of the things students may want to consider though is the weather.  Our tour guide came from Hawaii. And he did say that while the weather was an adjustment, it can be overrated.  It can be something that you certainly can get used to and you certainly learn to enjoy the wonderful sunny days in Seattle.


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