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Which College Is Right For You?

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There are many aspects of the college search that you must consider when deciding to apply. Among the most important is where to apply. It may be easy to consider applying to a college or university that is nearby, or that your best friend is applying to, or is where a parent went to college. But the right college may be one that you are unaware of. Here are 4 questions you must ask yourself if you are to make the right choices of where to apply.

1. Are you considering school size and student to faculty ratio?

You may thrive at a large school with huge class sizes, like many state schools. However, you may consider a smaller school, a school you might otherwise overlook, if smaller class sizes are a positive feature for you. Do you know where to look?

2. Does a college offer a strong program in an area of interest?

Do you excel in a particular area of academics? Do you love physics, chemistry, or biology? Or, are your strengths in the arts such as drama, music, or design? Knowing how to find the right college that aligns with your strengths is a crucial part of the process of finding the school that is the right fit for you.

3. How does the college you are considering fit with your budget?

Is the college you are considering realistic given the amount of savings that has been set aside for your education? Do you know how to apply for scholarships? Are you aware of financial aid packages and what you might be eligible for?

4. Are you aware of colleges that are far away, which may be a good fit for you?

There are literally thousands of colleges and universities, in every corner of the country, that have much to offer hopeful high school students. Are you aware of a wide range of schools and the programs they offer?

Finding a college or university that is a good fit for you is a critical step in the life of any aspiring student, and the choice you make will affect the rest of your life. The process is complex, and there are many factors to consider. However, the experts at Great College Advice can help you navigate this complicated process, and help you zero in on colleges and programs that are a good fit for you. They are familiar with thousands of programs all over the country and the world. And, they get to know you, the student, to help you find the right match, so you can find success. Contact us to find out how we can help you.


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