College Board Announces a Pre-PSAT Test for 8th Graders

Time Magazine reported the other day that the College Board has developed a new pre-PSAT to administer to 8th graders.  The test, called “Readistep,” is supposed to provide an early measure of academic ability and readiness for college.

This argument is a bit rich, given all the debate about whether the SAT itself measures predicts anything useful about a student’s future success in college.  Further, with 775 colleges now considering SAT or ACT tests as optional in the admissions process, it’s hard to understand the argument that more tests is the trend of the future.  Plus, with each state required by No Child Left Behind to administer standardized tests to measure school quality, does it make sense to offer yet another standardized assessment?

On the other hand, this test has been developed and will be marketed by the College Board.  So I wouldn’t underestimate the power of the organization to help shape how and when our college-bound students are assessed.

Mark Montgomery
College Counselor

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