Chapman University: the Liberal ARTS college of Los Angeles

Today I spent a few hours on the campus of Chapman University in Orange, California. The first pleasant surprise was the drive into town. The old town of Orange is actually quite quaint for the Los Angeles area. If it weren’t for the palm trees, I would have thought I was in a small town […]

Trinity University in San Antonio Leaves a Great Impression

Last week, I spent a few hours on the campus of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. It’s an excellent liberal arts college located in a vibrant, culturally rich city. After having visited Dallas and Houston a few days before, I was glad for the more relaxed, informal atmosphere of San Antonio. Here are a […]

Southern Methodist University and Austin College: A Tale of Two Schools

In a single day, I spent 4 hours on each of these two campuses. No two institutions could be more different, despite their geographical proximity. Apples and Oranges. Mutt and Jeff. Oliver and Stanley. I wrote more about Austin College here. I really liked the place. And I liked SMU for very different reasons. The […]

Austin College: The Liberal Arts Gem of Sherman, Texas

I recently spent half a day in Sherman, Texas, visiting Austin College. I was very impressed with the campus, the students, the administration, and the faculty. What’s not to like about it? Very little. The students are academically serious. The faculty does an outstanding job of preparing students, and everyone in Texas knows that if […]

University of Dallas and the Classical Western Curriculum

Today I visited the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. UD is a small Catholic college with a classical liberal arts curriculum. As one of the faculty members described it, UD offers a 21st Century Renaissance education. As such, UD is not a college that will appeal to everyone. But it has great strengths and […]

Baylor University's Lovely Campus

I spent some time on Baylor‘s campus today. It was not the best day for a visit (Sunday) and I arrived around noon before the campus was awake.  Thus I had a nice, solitary, reflective walk around the sprawling, well-kept grounds.  Once the buildings opened around 1 pm, I poked around the library and the […]

Southwestern University in Texas–The Stars Shine Bright

I spent a day this week on the campus of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. It’s one of the 40 Colleges That Change Lives identified by Loren Pope. I was very impressed with the quality of the liberal arts education afforded its students. I stopped to talk to students on the quad, in the dining […]

Dartmouth Admission: "The Pool is So Deep"

The July/August issue of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine contains an article about Karl Furstenberg, the retiring Dean of Admissions at Dartmouth. It’s an interesting look at his 17 years of experience as the gatekeeper of one of the nation’s top undergraduate schools. [Full disclosure: I’m an alumnus. My classmate, Maria Laskaris, has taken over from […]